BEA Exhibitions in 3D


With works by Carlos Nariño, Pablo Posada, and Carol Young.

Object of Contemplation

Artistic processes obey subjective and profound motivations. In Carol Young’s case, her works surge in an intuitive way, without much premeditation, but when she comes into contact with clay, the “sentimental cause” that guides her work surges.

BEA at ARTBO 2019


About Paper

Paper is a multifaceted material, an element rich in possibilities although also traditional in its use. In this exhibition, the role paper plays in the artistic work, as well as the ample variety that exists within the material itself is explored.

Don't Leave Me in the Dark

Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra’s upcoming series Don’t Leave Me in the Dark is a follow-up to one of his past series, Metaphors of Memory. In both, the artist explores the theme of migration and displacement through the juxtaposition of elements. He uses organic objects to depict the nostalgia of what migrants leave behind as they move away from their homeland and towards a new context.


For his upcoming exhibition, Pedro Ruiz addresses the issue of a possible reconcillement with our natural habitat through a poetic manifestation, in which instead of expressing dissatisfaction or inconformity towards an ideology or institution, we present ourselves together in favor of Mother Nature.

Altars & Devotions

In her most recent work, the artist addresses the aesthetic experience of visiting sacred places, marveling at the variety of elements through which beliefs are communicated. She refers to architecture, color, shapes, and characters to create her universes from a new perspective. For this show, Currea translates her fascination for religious iconography into her meticulous language of drawing, assemblage and collage, wanting to convey to her audience how it isn’t necessary to practice a particular religion in order to be moved by it.  


Assorted is a group show comprised of several works, some that can be seen both as individual pieces, as well as polyptychs; works that can exist alone or in the company of other similar ones. What threads this exhibition together is the visual dialogue between each piece; maybe a similarity in the technique of execution, or in the disposal of the images on the plane.