Founder / Director

Beatriz Esguerra founded Beatriz Esguerra Art (previously Arte Consultores) in 2000. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from Middlebury College, Beatriz Esguerra returned to Bogota, Colombia and worked for the museology departments of the Gold Museum and the Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango-Banco de la Republica. Later she joined Bogota's Museum of Modern Art as the founding Editor in Chief of their quarterly magazine titled ARTE. In the late 1980's , she cofounded and for 12 years codirected Sforza Consultores en Arte, one of the few art consulting firms in Colombia at the time. A citizen of Colombia and the United States, Beatriz Esguerra is completely bicultural, giving her the ability to easily interact with national and international colleagues, clients and artists. 


Director's Assistant

Lorenza Rodríguez Zuloaga majored in Visual Arts and completed a minor in Literature at the Pontificial Xaverian University in Bogota, Colombia. She is currently the Director’s Assistant at BEA, after helping out constantly at the gallery with matters regarding Social Media and Communications since 2016. She has previously participated in other art-related projects and establishments, such as being a specialized guide and translator to the Texan collectors group "Looking at Art" during ARTBO season, as well as working as curator's assitant at the Museum of Modern Art of Bogota (MAMBO). 


Administrative Director

Zoila Luz Torregroza carries the administrative responsibility of BEA. Her experience includes studies in broadcasting and excellent skills in public relations, marketing and sales. She previously held posts in these fields in Caracol Radio, Colegio Nueva Granada and Banco Santander.