Latin American and Colombian art have recently come into world focus. The international community has been discovering an exciting universe of ideas and cultures that for years had been a hidden treasure of artistic expressions. Suddenly, today they are at the forefront of global collections, art fairs, museums and galleries. Colombia has flourished and is the focus of international investors in all fields including art.

Since opening in 2000, Beatriz Esguerra Art has worked tirelessly to promote selected Colombian artists, in Latin America and beyond.  The gallery believes in creating a dialogue between Colombian and international mid to long career artists through carefully curated projects and exhibitions on a variety of universal themes.   

BEA provides consultation and services in commercializing art, curating exhibits and collections and organizing art events. Its webpage, www.beatrizesguerra-art.com, is continually updated with the gallery’s and artists’ exhibits and activities, works available for sale, and local and international art market news.

With an academic training in art history and more than 25 years experience in the field, Beatriz Esguerra, director of Beatriz Esguerra Art, has achieved numerous private and corporate exhibits and projects, always abiding by her mission: to enrich lives through art, with integrity and professionalism.