Art Wynwood 2014

February 13, 2014 - February 17, 2014

For the second time, Beatriz Esguerra Art from Bogota, Colombia will be exhibiting at Art Wynwood. Some of the best Colombian artists, young, mid and long career, will create a mix of themes, techniques and images, bringing to the public a fascinating and challenging show. Photography, ceramics, light boxes, painting and assemblages will come together to provide a varied but visually harmonious proposal.


Anibal Gomescasseres, the youngest of the group, creates spaces and landscapes where the presence of man is depicted by the presence of light. The solitude of his atmospheres, his aesthetics and the impeccable technique used in his light boxes surprise and draw the spectator into a world of silence and beauty. The work of Gomescasseres has been exhibited in Colombia in galleries such as La Cometa and Beatriz Esguerra Art in Bogota. Internationally, his work has been featured in galleries like Art Fusion, Design District Miami, Art Shanghai, China and Kais Gallery Tokyo, Japan. He has participated in international art fairs including Art Basel, Art Korea and Art Shanghai. His work was published in the renowned art magazine, The New Collectors Book, New York.

Gabriel Ortega’s work is based on icons that are significant to him, either because they represent a connection to his inner child or they are a way to portray his ideals, opinions and thoughts. He depicts emblematic art icons, comic book characters and super heroes who comment on society, religion and politics in a humorous yet profound manner. In his compositions, Ortega juxtaposes good and evil incorporating Tintin, a young and adventurous Belgian character, alongside other renowned figures such as Batman, Frida Kahlo or Che Guevara. Tintin’s innocence is confronted with psychologically loaded characters that in no other context would be seen together. Ortega’s technique mixes very precise acrylic and oil painting with cold porcelain figurines, perfectly illustrating the icons he interprets. Ortega lives and works in Italy and has exhibited his work internationally in Spain, the UK, Italy, New York and Colombia. Diesel, Coca Cola and Moet Chandon in Spain are but a few of the collections where his work is found.

Carol Young, born in Uruguay, has been living and making art in Colombia since the 1980’s. Using ceramic as her primary medium, Carol’s installations and sculptures transcend standard perception of the material, creating work that is unique, challenging and beautiful. Her recent investigation explores the realms of memory, history and our conceptions of paper. Carol Young’s installations evoke these subliminal memories through dialogue with the emptiness and freshness of a blank page. Drawing on an image that may refer to an ancient library composed of paper and parchment, her work conjures up the sign-filled archive of the many individual moments of experience -- unknown and hidden information that yearns to be classified, reviewed and studied. Carol Young has shown her work throughout Colombia and Latin America. Her work has been exhibited in museums and she has received numerous honors and prizes.

Max-Steven Grossman creates “Bookscapes,” libraries that exist only in his photographs. The purpose of these works is to register bookshelves from various backgrounds, reorganize them through digital procedures, and create a vast archive of ideas, concepts and titles that any connoisseur of a specific field of study, should have. The relationship that each viewer develops with these libraries is completely personal and occurs exclusively in the realm of his imagination. Grossman creates a work where each individual will develop a personal dialogue with the image. This dialogue will originate from their past readings, their desire to read the unread, the admiration for the sea of knowledge contained therein, or the fear of facing the great unknown. However, what is truly important is that the viewer-image relationship is one of contemplation and awe before the impossibility of accessing all the real yet unattainable knowledge presented in these photographs. An engineer with a Master’s degree in Photography from NYU and the International Center of Photography, Grossman has exhibited his work around the world including Beatriz Esguerra Art in Bogota,Colombia, Museum of Modern Art in Cartagena, Colombia, Museum of Modern Art in Barranquilla, Colombia, Art Wynwood in Miami, Art Southampton in Long Island, NY, and ArteBA in Buenos Aires,Argentina. He has also exhibited extensively in Fairs and Foundations internationally such as Switzerland, Panama and Spain to name a few. His work was recently shown in NY at Stricoff Fine Art Gallery.

Pedro Ruiz's work occupies itself with the social and political tragedy of displacement. In his paintings, Ruiz gracefully refers to the tragedy born from warfare, political instability, natural disasters and need, in a poetic and extremely moving manner. He juxtaposes strikingly harmonious and peaceful images of a man transporting a symbolic representation of his homeland in a canoe with the painful context that this image represents: that of the forced displacements in many parts of the world. Displacements grew from the artist’s perception that, through art, the collective memory of a country in conflict can grow beyond that of sorrowful memories of loss. From Displacements stems the idea that those who have had to leave their home, their land, their place of origin, always take a part of it within themselves. The image of banana trees bathed in red alludes to the violence and heartbreak suffered by those who must depart from a territory that is an essential part of their being. Whether those displaced take their land with them in its natural state, or metaphorically tainted in red, this body of works demonstrates how nature can find itself in tune with the reality of our existence. A long list of exhibits in galleries and museums in Colombia and abroad, public and private collections, art fairs and prizes make up Pedro Ruiz’s career. In 2011 he was Knighted by the French government with the Arts and Literary Order.

About Beatriz Esguerra Art
Since opening in 2000, Beatriz Esguerra Art has worked tirelessly to promote selected Colombian artists, in Latin America and beyond. The gallery believes in creating a dialogue between Colombian and international artists through carefully curated projects and exhibitions on a variety of universal themes. Recent efforts emphasizing more outreach, and including greater art fair participation in the US, have brought the gallery renewed attention from the art press, collectors and institutions. Furthermore, Beatriz Esguerra Art believes in educating its public and therefore offers open weekly lectures on modern and contemporary art.

With an academic training in art history and more than 25 years experience as a curator, consultant and gallery owner, Beatriz Esguerra has always abided by her mission: to enrich lives through art, with integrity and professionalism.