ARTBO 2014

October 24, 2014 - October 27, 2014

Through a rich and coherent dialogue between multiple Colombian and one Iranian artist, Beatriz Esguerra Art will show works ranging across a variety of themes and mediums, encompassing photography, light, threads, wax, sand, oils and found objects. Conception, artistry and precise use of color and material unite the eight artists presented by Beatriz Esguerra Art in ARTBO’s tenth edition of the fair: Hadi Tabatabai, Carolina Convers, Santiago Uribe-Holguín, Max-Steven Grossman, Aníbal Gomescásseres, Elsa Zambrano, Pedro Ruiz, and Carlos Alarcón. Beatriz Esguerra Art has designed a carefully curated combination of unique motives and perspectives that will give collectors, curators, dealers, artists, and other viewers a varied presentation of the artistic talent and production.