ARTBO 2018

Booth C13
October 24, 2018 - October 28, 2018
CORFERIAS, Avenida La Esperanza, Carrera 39, Bogotá, Colombia

Exhibiting works by Carlos Alarcón, Armando Castro, Teresa Currea, Pedro Ruiz and Elsa Zambrano.

Figuration has remained an crucial aspect throughout art history, around which many artists have centered the development of their ouvre. This year, Beatriz Esguerra Art brings to the XIV edition of the International Art Fair of Bogota ARTBO, a selection of artists that stand out for mastering it with prowess in a variety of expressions and techniques. Pedro Ruiz works the presentation of the human figure and nature mainly through painting, and the use of intense colors and thick textures. Carlos Alarcón and Armando Castro use drawing as their main tool. Alarcón exploits his skillful stroke, while Castro takes advantage of the characteristics of his surfaces in order to generate a particular atmosphere in his scenes. Teresa Currea uses a subtle and delicate style of drawing to create fantastic, candid, and surreal universes. And finally, Elsa Zambrano, whose focus is the construction of a series of theatrical landscapes, brings together iconic elements from both history and pop culture in order to generate eclectic or satirical situations.