ARTBO 2019

Drawing & Painting
September 18, 2019 - September 22, 2019
CORFERIAS, Avenida La Esperanza with Carrera 39, Bogota, Colombia

Drawing and painting have remained relevant techniques throughout art history. This year, Beatriz Esguerra Art, for the XV edition of ARTBO (International Art Fair of Bogota), brings a selection of artists that stand out for mastering these two timeless techniques. For instance, Pedro Ruiz works the presentation of the human figure and nature mainly through painting and the use of intense, vibrant colors. Armando Castro and Pablo Arrázola use drawing as their main tool. They both employ a skillful stroke and make the most of the surfaces they work on. Arrázola works around the idea of landsccape, how it defines us, and how we also have the power to transform it. On the other hand, Castro explores the theme of isolation, and how it has come to affect us in our contemporary world due to the availability of electronic devices that place us in an alternative reality to the one we are physically experiencing. Teresa Currea creates candid and surreal universes through a subtle, meticulous, and delicate style of drawing. Meanwhile, Ismael Rivera studies what is hidden within regrets and mistakes through his masterful layering of color. Finally, Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra, whose focus is the topic of migration and displacement, depicts this theme through a proficient style of painting.