CONTEXT Art Miami 2015

December 01, 2015 - December 06, 2015
CONTEXT Art Miami 2015


Pause, come in close, pick up a magnifying glass and take your time to observe the little details that build the beauty of the whole.

In our fast paced contemporary world, we sometimes forget to take a moment to stop and actually look at all of the things surrounding us. With phones in hand, headphones on, our penchant for multi-tasking and our obsession with the immediate often prevents us from seeing the small, provocative or beautiful things right in front of our eyes. We can forget that our world is composed of many individual moments, tiny details and nuanced meanings. When we take a moment to pause, breathe and actually see, it is an intentional act that we can consciously build into our day, a way to help us interact with our environment, to recover our inner balance.

With this in mind, Beatriz Esguerra Art is proud to present “It’s all in the Details,” a calm oasis at the Context Art Fair. Each of the artists, Pedro Ruiz, Hadi Tabatabai, Carlos Alarcon, Armando Castro, Edgar Martins and Max Steven Grossman are masters of the slow reveal. Their works reward the viewer increasingly over time, well beyond the initial impact.