Dallas Art Fair 2016

April 15, 2016 - April 17, 2016
Booth F13, Fashion Industry Gallery 1807 Ross Avenue, Dallas, TX.


Beatriz Esguerra Art is pleased to participate in the Dallas Art Fair, featuring eight artists with a unique ability to express their point of view within the context of contemporary culture. We invite you to join us in celebrating a weekend of outstanding exhibits, lectures and events.

Art is a visual manifestation of a person's thoughts, experiences and dreams. There are infinite ways of communicating through art, be it disturbing or harmonious, uplifting or distressing. No matter the expression, art enriches the mind and soul of the viewer, making them more sensitive to the surrounding world. At BEA, we represent artists that will engage the public in an aesthetic and intelligent manner, utilizing a wide range of materials to express their vision.

Photographer Max Steven Grossman reflects on the topic of extinction through his ideal photographic libraries while, another photographer, Mario Arroyave, has an obsession with capturing the passage of time in one instant. Anibal Gomescasseres, creates lightboxes with images of empty spaces which, when lighted, remind us that man can be present, even when physically absent.
Carolina Convers uses color and collage to study the evolution of women's roles in society, and Elsa Zambrano is obsessed with collecting and possessing, creating her interpretations of unattainable masterpieces, so that we can have the illusion of ownership.

Armando Castro, Juan Carlos Rivero and Carlos Alarcon are skillful draftsmen and painters that draw upon their urban, rural and tropical backgrounds to comment on the importance of returning to basics, of appealing to humor and common sense as we try to escape the relentless complexity of our globalized world.

Despite their different perspectives and styles, all eight artists are Colombian, rooted in the land, history, politics and culture of one of America's oldest democracies. All of them manifest an aspect of their heritage in their work, whether directly or with subtlety. At the Dallas Art Fair, we look forward to sharing these artist's works, inviting you to interact with and reflect upon their message.