March 07, 2013 - March 10, 2013

Carol Young, born in Uruguay, has been living and making art in Colombia since the 1980’s. Using ceramic as her primary medium, Carol’s installations and sculptures transcend standard perception of the material, creating work that is unique, challenging and beautiful. Her recent investigation explores the realms of memory, history and our conceptions of paper.

Working from an intricate network of memory, both personal and collective, Carol explores their unexpected influences: how we perceive the world and how we interact with others. Carol Young’s installations evoke these subliminal memories through dialogue with the emptiness and freshness of a blank page. Drawing on an image that may refer to an ancient library composed of paper and parchment, her work conjures up the sign-filled archive of the many individual moments of experience -- unknown and hidden information that yearns to be classified reviewed and studied.

The "rolls" that Young composes in semidarkness contain no writing, only small creases and folds, somewhat like gestural “protowriting,” putting into action a subtle language of touch; a nuanced field which contains evidence of our presence in this world. The tactile experience contains complex relationships between the body, others and the world.
Carol Young has shown her work throughout Colombia and Latin America. It has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums and she has received numerous honors and prizes.


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