Armando Castro


Art that is understood by the eye, has the ability to affect us and take us on a mysterious journey that brings us to question, feel, and comprehend matters in a way which we may not have done so before.

Armando Castro plays upon these subjects using cardboard as his medium of choice, purposefully destroying certain parts so as to remind us that this paper while strong and used for industrial purposes, is actually a delicate element. He then, in his trademark birds-eye view, depicts themes relating to both urban and rural life, presenting a concern for how we interact with the elements in our environment.

By forcing the viewer to look at every day scenes from a different point of view, he calls attention to many forgotten, yet important people in society: rural workers. Many of his pieces depict those that are the reason we ultimately have food on our plate, or houses to live in. By highlighting these scenes Castro asks his viewers to look more closely at the world they inhabit, and to pay attention to those that may indirectly affect our lives.

Using oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolors, Armando Castro manipulates large cardboard pieces so that they become part of an aerial landscape. His pieces are silent, yet powerful, and urge the viewer to meditate upon what is being presented in each work. The nobility and essence of each figure, just as that of the paper that makes the cardboard, is to be studied and appreciated, urging a reconsideration of our current way of life, and of the hierarchies which society has created.