Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra


Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra’s work motivates the viewer to reflect upon the power of memories, while humorously and subtly evoking issues relating to society and politics. In his work, Rivero-Cintra juxtaposes large fruits and vegetables with people, inviting the viewer to question his perceptions of reality and to experience what he has labeled a “mental displacement.” For Rivero-Cintra, a mental displacement is one that occurs within ourselves, through our thoughts, visions, readings, dreams, and longings, reminding us of the power of the mind and its memories. By using such striking pairings to represent metaphorical journeys, Rivero-Cintra suggests notions of escapism, and the power of our imagination to evoke worlds as close to, or as separate from, the ones in which we currently reside.

Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra was born in Cuba and acquired his degree in Fine Arts with a specialty in engraving, from the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, Cuba. He then won a scholarship to study Lithography in the School of Fine Arts in Paris. He has participated in numerous group and solo shows around the world with great success. He currently resides in Bogota, Colombia and is proudly represented by Beatriz Esguerra Art.