Pablo Arrazola


To Pablo Arrázola, we coexist with our environment in a relationship of mutual construction. Our identity is in great part the result of how we appropriate our landscape, and this landscape, in turn, is a result of how said identity coexists with said landscape. This creates a fertile ground for the transformation of the space and in result, ourselves. We are in great part the contents of our landscape and vice versa. To Arrázola, there lies an endless amount of possible narratives where these two concepts meet. Therefor this is the motor behind his artistic practice.

In his exploration of paper and drawing, suggestive images initiate a dialogue with the spectator leaving open various possibilities of visual narratives. Situations become sto- ries only when met with the eye of the beholder, and the memories and experiences that said person brings to the work. Intentionally vague, his work most commonly features children, whose innocence and naiveté are a reminder of how open the possibilities can be when contemplating our environment.