Pablo Posada Pernikoff


Pablo Posada Pernikoff’s work is an abstract expression of his observations of matter: how it flows through time and space and transforms itself in time, as nature’s forces act upon it. His purpose is to unconsciously stimulate a harmonious relationship between the viewer and his work, transcending cultural, geographical and time barriers.

Posada Pernikoff creates two types of glass and crystal works, all unique and original. The first is comprised of cut, polished and carved glass plates and layered blocks, while the second includes crystal objects that are blown and formed by hand to retain the natural flow of melted glass, before being carved. Works born out of crystal, obsidian or glass are hand carved and treated with acids and other techniques to produce different textures pertaining to the material. Deep carvings set into the glass create areas of light and shadow that convey movement in an ethereal and changing manner.

Other unique works, similar in theme, are created on paper and metal, using different techniques. Paper reliefs, for example, create lines of light and shadow conveying movement, although the metal center and colored component express a movement that has been frozen in time.

Pablo Posada Pernikoff was born in Spain in 1964 and raised between Paris and Bogota. He is both a Colombian and French citizen. After seeking studies in engineering and mathematics, in Colombia and Canada, he traveled to Italy to study design and fine arts. In 1990 Posada moved to Japan, thanks to a number of research grants offered by the Japanese government in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokio. In 1998 he earned a PhD from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Presently Posada Pernikoff does not have a permanent residence. He travels incessantly around the world, searching for simple and deep experiences that might inspire him to create works of profound harmony and serenity.