Priscila Gonzalez

Priscila Gonzalez’s work focuses on femininity, on the domesticity and eroticism of what is intimate. It hovers between the idea of beauty and its perennial symbols, women and their embellishments. She is passionate about paper, its versatility and fragility; and touches on the subject of loss: the loss of innocence, of identity, or even life itself.

The lonely process of cutting is both meticulous and measured; similar to how our grandmothers would spend hours sewing, contrary to our current era of immediacy. She longs to go back to what is basic and simple. In its apparent fragility, simplicity, and lightness, the works reveal a powerful energy that offers a lesson about existence itself.

She spends long hours cutting, as a way of meditation and mourning. Something clicks within her; facing loss is a slow process. It isn’t about understanding, but about accepting; only then can one look at the entire spectrum and find beauty where there was only room for pain. There is a repeating gesture that permeates the spirit and the material. Each work is a pause in her life that helps her gain momentum and carry on forward, leaving behind the lessons of each loss.