Abstraction - A Dialogue between Colombian and International Artists.

November 29, 2012 - February 07, 2013

In an excercise rarely done by Colombian galleries, Beatriz Esguerra Art in Bogota, Colombia, joins and confronts international and Colombian artists, focusing on the abstract language of line, texture and plane.

Challenging viewers to seek awareness of their own perceptions and interpretations, Beatriz Esguerra Art will exhibit Colombian artists Santiago Uribe- Holguín, Kamel Ilian, Teresa Sanchez, Carol Young, Alejandro Saiz and Ana Maria Sanz, alongside international artists Robert Kelly, Hadi Tabatabai, Roland Fischer and Valerie Jaudon using complementary and complex abstract language.

Each of these artists is united by the their use of a basic but highly nuanced language of lines, textures, and planes. Together, they create a visually potent comment upon the power of abstraction and the extent to which it affects our perception of the world.

Rarely do Colombian artists have the opportunity to confront their work in a group show with International artists and viceversa. This is a unique opportunity which has proven that, besides the culture, customs and distance that separates them, they are united by their profound statements, investigations, aesthetics and professionalism.