BEA in ARTBO Temporada 2020

October 27, 2020 - November 01, 2020
Online only


For this year’s edition of ARTBO, Beatriz Esguerra Art will present a selection of works that encompass the gallery’s particular style. Atmosphere, space, the human figure, and silence are key subjects within the gallery’s curatorial spectrum. The world is quite noisy sometimes, and art gives us a moment of silence, of beauty, of balance. This selection includes works by figurative artists who work with atmosphere. They are: Pablo Arrázola, Mario Arroyave, Teresa Currea, Carlos Nariño, and Pedro Ruiz.

In some works, such as Pablo Arrázola’s there is an abundance of negative space. Meanwhile, Pedro Ruiz’s figures navigate on an undefinable background. Carlos Nariño’s landscapes are absolutely atmospheric, calm, and quiet. Teresa Currea’s magical universes also lack a background, it is the characters in her creations who add to the plot of the situations she creates. The rhythm in Mario Arroyave’s timeless spaces makes them dynamic and almost surreal.

All of the works selected are, in their own way, ethereal. The way in which space is handled, and the relationship between the figures and the surfaces on which they are brought to life are also important aspects of the works of these artists.