Everything Goes - Pedro Ruiz

May 14, 2016 - June 16, 2016
Cra. 16 # 86A-31, Bogotá, Colombia

Beatriz Esguerra Art has the pleasure of presenting recent works by Pedro Ruiz in the exhibition “Everything Goes.”

With this show, the artist seeks to distance himself from the absolute and limiting rigidity of a defined project, taking inspiration from philosopher Paul Feyerabend’s principle, “anything goes.” These words sum up Feyerabend’s questioning of the commonplace methods used in the endeavor to acquire knowledge. Transferring this notion to that of artistic creation, Ruiz here shows different aspects of his work and presents each element in an apparently random manner. His intention is to point out that each piece of the exhibition is an element of essential significance during his creative process.

In this manner, the artist seeks to manifest that his work does not follow any single methodology and that each artistic choice is entirely autonomous, since, as the philosopher says, “It is clear, then, that the idea of a fixed method, or of a fixed theory or rationality, rests on too naive a view of man and his social surroundings.” While this reflection refers to the scientific world, it is not exclusive. Therefore, the artist does not hesitate in considering it applicable to his own experience of knowledge.

Pedro Ruiz is constantly conducting research, seeking out different manners in which to transmit his thoughts, concerns, and questions. He does not rely solely on one image, medium, or idea. He allows his mind to be nourished by the greatness and reality of our country, by the remote communities with which he works, and by his love of literature and poetry.

This exhibition questions the pigeonholing in which we commonly fall when addressing knowledge, creation, and reflection, pointing out that there exists a limitless number of possibilities to do so. Every being has its own reality, and sees the world through its own particular lenses. Regardless, in order to enrich our spirit we must open ourselves up and learn to see life through the lenses of others.