Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra, Path of Stars

May 13, 2017 - June 16, 2017
Cra. 16 #86A-31, Bogotá, Colombia

Beatriz Esguerra Art is pleased to present “Path of Stars,” a solo show of Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra’s most recent paintings.

Rivero-Cintra has consistently explored themes of journeys and displacements, traditionally looking back in time and retreating into memories and the past. With his current work, he points his exploration towards the future. He examines how one yearns to begin a life somewhere new, and the utopian associations that tend to come with these far off places. Rivero-Cintra emigrated from Cuba to Colombia 17 years ago, and his arrival implied a great effort in understanding his new environment, and the ways of his adopted country. Despite embracing his new life, with time Rivero-Cintra has come to realize that one does not necessarily need to abandon ones past and ones roots in order to do so; his path to the stars has reminded him more fully of not only his Cuban roots but his roots as an artist as well. Originally trained and fully dedicated to engraving, Rivero-Cintra shifted to painting and slowly gave up his engravings in the process. Regardless, his most recent paintings show such strong elements of engraving that it is clear his roots in the medium are not lost at all, but ever present in his work.