Magnificent Obsession - Elsa Zambrano

September 19, 2015 - October 16, 2015
Bogota, Carrera 16 # 86A-31

Magnificent Obsession is a reflection of the artist’s intense and long-standing fascination with collectibles that reproduce masterpieces of art history. By placing these common objects within mirrored boxes she investigates the manner in which these works of art become malleable and ordinary; pieces of mass consumption reproduced for all of society. Through her work, these masterpieces are given a parallel life, one that is quite distant from the references and context under which they are typically understood.

Zambrano’s act of gathering museum postcards and found objects from gift shops, stores and random places, has become an obsession, somewhat akin to that of a collector. The intensity with which she has continued this act has allowed the series to expand continuously, finding different aspects of the same artists or fixating upon new ones. The artist’s obsession therefore, lies not only in the masterpieces themselves, but also with the need of contemporary popular culture to spur on a cycle of endless consumption and of endless desire.

Elsa Zambrano's work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in Colombia and abroad. Her works are part of national and international private and public collections.

The show will be composed of assemblages, drawings and photographs.