Memories as Metaphors - Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra

March 19, 2015 - April 23, 2015
Bogota, Carrera 16 # 86A-3

We are pleased to announce Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra's first solo exhibition with the gallery, Memories As Metaphors, opening Thursday, March 19. By juxtaposing large fruits and vegetables with people who travel on them, the artist invites us to question our perceptions of reality and to act out what he calls a “mental displacement.” He bids the viewer to challenge common notions of displacement, to look beyond the physical and to peer inward and reflect upon oneself. For Rivero-Cintra, a mental displacement is one that occurs within the mind, through our thoughts, visions, readings, dreams, and longings.

For Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra art and its expressions can serve as a form of escapism, from one’s one history, memories, truths, and reality. Born, raised, and educated in Cuba, Rivero-Cintra now lives in Colombia; both countries have histories and realities that many people at times wish to evade. His work, however, touches upon mental displacement as a form of escapism that can apply to a variety of people under a diverse set of circumstances. While with Colombia’s socio-political history one cannot help but associate this notion of displacement with forced displacements, armed groups, loss of land, and human rights violations, one’s own displacement can be related to something more unique and personal, and can be produced most directly in one’s own mind. Analyzing displacement in this manner brings forth the notion of “mental displacement” as produced through literature, film, art, history, dreams, longings, and even memories. How can an image produced on canvas produce such a powerful movement within our mind? For centuries art has, through the power of an image, taken us upon journeys at once personal and historic, unique and general. Rivero-Cintra touches upon this essence of the journey of the mind through the use of a canoe or an evocation of it, as an object almost synonymous with travel. In the paintings and drawing presented in this exhibition, disproportionately large bananas, peppers, watermelons, and tomatoes dwarf the humans shown with them, and question our own perceptions of reality and memory. Through these pairings, he leaves our possibilities open; possibilities where we can construct our own paths and form our own displacements, letting our minds determine our desire to escape, to enter a world as close to, our as separate from, the one in which we currently reside. Through Rivero-Cintra’s poetic expressions, Memories As Metaphors presents situations that bring together the real and the impossible, inviting the viewer to reflect upon the power of the minds and its memories.

Born in Cuba in 1972, Rivero-Cintra moved to Colombia when he was 29 years old. Originally focusing his studies in engraving, the artist is also well known for his abilities in drawing and painting. He has exhibited profusely throughout Cuba, Colombia, and internationally, including important biennials in the field of engraving. A professor for more than ten years at prominent universities in Colombia, Rivero-Cintra can count among his achievements having trained many Colombian artists in engraving and drawing.

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