Carol Young / Hugo Zapata / Mario Vélez / Olga de Amaral / Pablo Posada / Santiago Uribe-Holguín
September 02, 2017 - September 22, 2017
Cra. 16 #86A-31, Bogotá, Colombia

TERRA is a group exhibition of artists that have dedicated a large part of their career to the exploration of telluric matters, those being of or relating to the earth. Carol Young, Santiago Uribe-Holguín, Pablo Posada, Mario Vélez, Hugo Zapata and Olga de Amaral, in distinct manners and with diverse materials, pay homage to the earth in their creative processes. Carol Young and Olga de Amaral present works with clay; Santiago Uribe-Holguín with oils, sand and marble dust; Pablo Posada with glass, crystal, and oxidized metals; Hugo Zapata with stone and Mario Vélez with paper collage. All seek to display the vitality of the earth through their works, referencing its many teachings and the memories that it contains.

The delicate and evocative ceramic of Carol Young transcends the traditional perception of the material. Her scrolls and sheets are a strong reference to paper and wood, which are the elements upon which the history and memory of mankind has been written down. Olga de Amaral, who piece includes clay, gesso, Japanese paper and gold leaf, has always given the upmost importance to the material and to the process. De Amaral has stated, “The vitality of a rock is its presence.”

In turn, Hugo Zapata, who creates sculptures with the lutite stone found 800 km from his studio, explains that the lines and markings found in the rocks as he carves them are those “things that the earth has written.” For Zapata, these findings contain all the memory of the earth, one that existed long before human beings ever did. The stones have always had a strong relationship with water, for that reason his sculptures at times include crystal or may be filled with water if the structure permits. His works are among the few that may be touched, as he wishes for the spectator to caress his pieces, to embrace them and in doing so to feel the earth.

While Zapata finds traces in his stones, Pablo Posada carves blocks of glass in order to produce areas of light and shadow that recreate the movement of water and refer to the way in which the forces of nature act upon matter. His works are an abstract expression of the energy found in telluric materials.

The textural qualities in nature are also visible in the work of Santiago Uribe-Holguín, whose works reflect the time, wear and memory of the earth’s skin. Using a much more indirect element, Mario Vélez turns to paper and collage in order to refer to the restitutions of land with works whose organic forms are not too different from the stones of the rivers that have always awakened his fascination.

Thanks to the respect and admiration that these artists have for the earth, they have made their own mark upon it and on the field of visual arts through their distinct creative processes that not only highlight, but also rescue our consideration of the earth.