A project by Luis Carlos Tovar
October 01, 2016 - November 04, 2016
Cra. 16 #86A-31, Bogotá, Colombia

Undo seeks to translate with unique and technologically sophisticated images the slow process of the dissolution of the past coming together in a conscious and fleeting present. An important protagonist of this piece is a blackboard from 1935, of the “General Santander District School” of Bogota, on which the memories – via time-lapse photography- of the students and teachers displaced from this school in 2008, are displayed.



An oblivion that is both destructive and creative (the same oblivion that allows memory), keeps both these ends in proximity, sometimes in inseparable ways. In Santander on the Brink of Ruin (Undo), Luis Carlos Tovar insists on recovering the memory of a school building that is meant to disappear in an apparently willing way. The Colegio General Santander, located in the Usaquén Plaza, opened its doors in 1935 and existed there until 2008. From that day on, the building was exposed to the corrosion of oblivion. Acting against some of the local commercial and touristic-driven logic, Tovar has persevered in recovering not only the memories that surround the building, but the building as an architectural memory in itself. A latent oblivion is present in the creation of a visual archive that includes memories and things forgotten by those who knew and inhabited the building, as well as of those that are still linked to the school, now located elsewhere. The architectural space, understood as the living vestige of an experience, counters the architectural memory of the school´s students, teachers, directors and parents, focusing on the school´s space, its past and its present. It is in this tension, between factual events and a narrative experience, that Tovar interrogates the values found in patrimony and experience.

Cristina Lleras y María Soledad García

Museo Loepoldo Rotter, Universidad Nacional
Excerpt from the piece Rewriting the Past
Ephemeral Museum of Oblivion, 2015
Regional Salon Program-Central Zone
Ministry of Culture