Waves of Days, Days of Sand - Daniela Mejía

March 06, 2014 - April 03, 2014
Bogota, Carrera 16 # 86A-31

Beatriz Esguerra Art has the pleasure of presenting Daniela Mejía’s recent works. This Colombian artist has a long career in creating realist landscapes that are used to literally describe nature's fantastic wonders more than as a poetic interpretation. In this exhibit, the artist takes a step further and incorporates human figures into her landscapes, including daily life as a source of inspiration.

Daniela Mejía asks, "What is a landscape without a human perception? Does landscape exist without an observer?" Incorporating people as part of her landscapes and the interaction of both, become the central theme of Mejia's latest exhibit. In her paintings she shows how human presence is so powerful that it becomes the focal point of her compositions. In this new artistic series, landscape is no longer the main character; it is now the backdrop for human presence. In the end, the artist concludes that landscape and people coexist, and give each other meaning.