Luis Carlos Tovar


Luis Carlos Tovar explores, reconstructs and questions time, space and memory through objects. Different media such as drawing, painting, in-situ installations, photography and video, allow him to capture ephemeral space interventions. For instance, Genius Loci (Alonso Garcés Gallery, 2008), is an in-situ installation where a series of 28 sculptures and impressions taken of the wall of tombstones, carvings and architectural ornaments of different abandoned churches in Bogotá, evokes the spirit of the places set during the Republican period with strong neo-Gothic influences. Another example, Ex Cathedra (Université de Tous Les Savoirs, 2012), is a video installation based on the chair as an object of representation in different political situations. The chair has always had an important place as a symbol of authority and hierarchy: "The chair is not an essential idea or a crystallize concept, it is place to negotiate meanings" (Kosuth). Additionally, his most recent project, Auto Geographies (Museo de Arte Universidad del Magdalena, 2013), integrates his artistic and pedagogical journeys, by appropriating distinct public spaces. Every place you go has its own geography, and the color of the sand changes with the people and the local customs. He recorded its presence by making drawings and imprints on the beaches along the way; walking as an aesthetic act, the country as his witness and the chair as a pretext.