Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra


Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra’s work invites the viewer to reflect upon the power of our memories, while humorously and subtly evoking issues relating to society and politics. In his work, Rivero-Cintra juxtaposes large fruits and vegetables with people who travel on them, inviting us to question our perceptions of reality and to act out what he calls a “mental displacement.” For Rivero-Cintra, a mental displacement is one that occurs within the mind, through our thoughts, visions, readings, dreams, and longings, reminding us of the power of the mind and its memories. By using such striking pairings to represent metaphorical journeys, Rivero-Cintra suggests notions of escapism, and of the power of the mind to evoke worlds as close to, or as separate from, the ones in which we currently reside.

Born in Cuba in 1972, Rivero-Cintra moved to Colombia when he was 29 years old. Originally focusing his studies in engraving, the artist is also well known for his abilities in drawing and painting. He has exhibited profusely throughout Cuba, Colombia, and internationally, including important biennials in the field of engraving. A professor for more than ten years at prominent universities in Colombia, Rivero-Cintra can count among his achievements having trained many Colombian artists in engraving and drawing.