Edward Rico


Rico focuses his artistic investigation upon the city, its architecture, and the anomalies found within it. Unfinished construction sites become concrete characters that after a few years’ time go unnoticed; their presence regardless becomes a part of the urban furniture. Rico moves from photography to drawing to renders in order to create pieces that trace the reality of these buildings through the semantic weight and meaning of salt. In ancient Roman times, salt was a means of payment for those soldiers who guarded the “Vía salaria” between Ostia and Rome, and “salary” derives from the Latin word salarium, which means “payment of salt.” Through his use of salt in his artistic process, Rico draws a connection between the Colombian civilians’ salaries that are wasted fruitlessly on the construction of buildings that end up being left abandoned and are never finished. Highlighting the unknown course of public resources, Rico ironically uses light and shadow in order to point out the lack of transparency implicit in the construction of these buildings.