Javier Vanegas


The series ReCaptcha questions the materiality and importance of the book as an object in the digital age. Initially, Captcha was created as a code to distinguish whether or not a user of a digital platform was a human or a computer, basically acting as a security filter for webpages. Given its high usage, the inventors of Captcha reconfigured the code proposing an improved version entitled ReCaptcha, which not only served as a security filter but also as a way to transcribe books that were being digitalized worldwide by libraries.

This program has been of great importance given that software at times is unable to recognize certain characters when digitalizing a text, primarily when regarding ancient books. Given the usage of interfaces such as Kindle, eBooks, iPad, iBook and other platforms that work as digital editorials, the physical book has entered a crisis in the digital age, in some ways, books as we know them are becoming obsolete. The photographs in the series ReCaptcha seeks to highlight the beauty implicit in any book seen as an object of collection. This series is meant for all those real book lovers that still exist in the digital age.