Juan Ricardo Mejía


Juan Ricardo Mejía’s sculptures furnish valuable elements of minimalist connotation. Through stressing a desire to secure a compositional balance in his work, he establishes the limits of pictorial language and architectural design. After carrying out research for the series “Origami”, which consists of totems and pleated iron, the artist continued to use folds of light and shade that originated first with cuts made on paper in “Cajas de luz” (Light Boxes) and then upon a plain sheet of polyvinyl in “Espacios sutiles” (Subtle Spaces). Here he sought to define spaces of immaterial characteristics, which are always defined by the rigor of their geometry and order.

Mejía’s work consists of polymorphic structures that are molded from intentional traces and accents. They result from the rhythm and play between emptiness and wholeness upon the original plain surface, constructing sculptural three-dimensional objects of great subtlety.