Anibal Gomescasseres



Creatively making use of the technological resources and a certain duality to express himself through his art, Aníbal Gomescásseres commits his work to alternate realities using a game of irony and sobriety and observing from a reflexive point of view according to the context, and of course, following the intention behind each piece. Cartagenero (from Cartagena) by birth, artist by calling and love. He has a pleasant demeanor with a slight enchanting madness – there are some who say the energy of his genius resides in that madness. As a child - a restless heritage of colors and lines tracing their own path, amidst drawings where bits and pieces of a mind with resolve are the titling pieces. Today, world-renowned plastic and visual artist. Gomescasseres graduated from the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, and the Academia Superior de Artes of Bogota, ASAB.

In his work, Gomescasseres invokes social behavior parameters, as well as factors that implicate the idea of person-space. In his series, Light Atmospheres,he depicts his conception of spaces in solitude, void spaces in which only the warmth of light can enter. The human figure disappears and a gasp of sobriety is displayed. In doing so, the artist engenders a feeling of vain spaces that credit their essence to their very own value: the weight of the elements is omitted in the composition, creating an introspection in the intimacy of the spectator.

(Adaptation from the text of Paola Paez, “Anibal Gomezcasseres, Alternate realities in tones of irony”, Diners Magazine, February 27, 2012).