BEA-Masertati Alliance, ARTBO 2018, and other News

October 17, 2018

An alliance that promotes art and design 

During the month of October, Bogota's International Art Fair ARTBO, is held. Regarding this great event, Maserati Colombia has selected BEA as the brand's ambassador. "A shared passion for art and design has brought us together with Beatriz Esguerra," comments Robert Kunzel, General Manager of Maserati Colombia. This is why the director of BEA, will enjoy a Maserati Ghibli Rosso Folgore with a sand interior and a V6 engine of 2979cm3, capable of generating 350CV, and an acceleration of 0-100km / h in 5,5 seconds, "a unique experience for a lovely and successful woman like she is," adds Kunzel. 
"This Maserati is a work of art and design," says Beatriz Esguerra. "It will be a real pleasure to drive and enjoy while exhibiting at ARTBO, one of the most important fairs of the year". 
BEA and Maserati will share all the details of their adventure aboard the sports car on their social media: @besguerrart and @maseraticolombia on Instagram, and on Facebook. As a prelude to the fair, they will open the exhibition Time in an Instant, by artist Mario Arroyave on Wednesday, October 17from 6 to 9 pm, in the Maserati showroom in Bogota. 


"Time in an instant," Current Works.

Curated by Beatriz Esguerra Art and held in the Maserati showroom in Bogota, Time in an instant by Mario Arroyave will be taking place during the month of October, also known as Bogota Arts Month.
Arroyave's interest in photography sparked empirically at age 13. While living in Costa Rica and Colombia, his vocation continued to grow alongside his studies and work experience in systems engineering and advertising. In 2010, he launched his career as an artist, exhibiting publicly for the first time in Bogota. Since then, he has been on the rise, for in the past few years, Arroyave has attained national recognition and established himself as one of the young artists whose work revolves around photographic languages. He has participated in group shows and has had numerous solo shows in several cities around the world including Bogota, Medellín, Lima, Sao Paulo, Miami, Dallas, New York and Tokyo.
Arroyave’s work stems from the reinvention individuals go through when they are impacted by their experiences. It is a work that detaches people from their defining daily interactions and places them in vacant spaces where time disappears, thus forcing them to relate to each other in a different manner. 

Exhibiting works by Carlos Alarcón, Armando Castro, Teresa Currea, Pedro Ruiz and Elsa Zambrano.

Figuration has remained an crucial aspect throughout art history, around which many artists have centered the development of their ouvre. This year, Beatriz Esguerra Artbrings to the XIV edition of the International Art Fair of Bogota ARTBO, a selection of artists that stand out for mastering it with prowess in a variety of expressions and techniques. Pedro Ruiz works the presentation of the human figure and nature mainly through painting, and the use of intense colors and thick textures. Carlos Alarcón and Armando Castro use drawing as their main tool. Alarcón exploits his skillful stroke, while Castro takes advantage of the characteristics of his surfaces in order to generate a particular atmosphere in his scenes. Teresa Currea uses a subtle and delicate style of drawing to create fantastic, candid, and surreal universes. And finally, Elsa Zambrano, whose focus is the construction of a series of theatrical landscapes, brings together iconic elements from both history and pop culture in order to generate eclectic or satirical situations. 

On October 23, during the inauguration of ARTBO 2018, Beatriz Esguerra Art and Carlos Alarcón will launch the first edition of the book No dibujo los Domingos (I Don’t Draw on Sundays). This editorial project includes the artist's most recent work, which consists of a series of drawings that he dedicated himself to doing every day of the week, one a day, except on Sundays, for a period of 126 days. The original drawings will be displayed and available for sale at Beatriz Esguerra Art’s stand C13 during the fair.