March 10, 2017

Santiago Uribe-Holguín´s

Santiago Uribe-Holguín´s

Guided Tour of the exhibition:

This Wednesday March 15th, at 2:45 PM, the artist will be giving a guided tour of his solo show. This visit is part of a series of guided tours of other galleries throughout the neighborhood, held by Arteria's initiative "Bogotá Arte Circuitos" (Bogotá Art Circuits). View more information about the other guided tours that will take place. 

The exhibition dates have been extended: 

it will be open to the public until Thursday the 6th of April. 

Gallery hours:

Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM, and Saturdays (with a previous appointment).

New Works by BEA artists

New Works by BEA artists

We have recieved new works by some of our artists. Among them:

  • Teresa Currea, with unique works on paper, framed in acrylic casings. View more

  • Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra, with small scale engravings. View more

  • Daniela Mejía, with editions from her new series "Poison" along with a unique oil on canvas piece. View more

Please contact the gallery for further inquiries. 

              Teresa Currea                                                                  Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra