May 31, 2017

Juan Carlos Rivero Cintra at ARTBO Weekend

The exhibition Path of Stars will be open to the public until June 30, 2017

We would like to thank everyone who came to the gallery during ARTBO Weekend in Bogotá. Its first edition featured over 42 exhibition spaces across the city where over 10.000 visitors assisted shows during extended hours and special programming, including two lectures at BEA: The importance of art galleries in the art scene and A conversation with artist Juan Carlos Rivero Cintra.

Beatriz Esguerra in Gallery Monthly (Dallas, Texas)

Colombian art is fascinating, varied, it tells stories, it's reflective, strong, subtle - it is, [...]  "A Resounding Subtlety; one of the world's best kept art secrets, yet to be discovered by the world."

Be sure to read this interview of Beatriz Esguerra by Aiden Cho from "Gallery Monthly."

"Gallery Monthly" is a digital publication based in Dallas, Texas. Its interviews feature galleries and art spaces across the world, offering a platform for sharing different cultural perspectives and interpretations of art, including access to the people behind the scenes in the art world.

New work available at the gallery

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Pablo Posada Perkinoff in Japan

We are proud to present Pablo Posada's solo show "Flow" at the gallery Promo-Art in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibition was on view from May 25-30, 2017.