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September 05, 2017


If you’re lucky enough to find yourself passing through Bogotá this September, do yourself a favour and stop in at BEA.

by Erin Stobie 

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It’s always a thrill when we get to cover an exciting new exhibition from the talented slate of artists at Beatriz Esguerra Art and TERRA, the gallery’s newest group show, is no exception.

Touted as a homage to the earth, TERRA is a bringing together of artists who have dedicated their careers to matters of or relating to the earth. Six artists will showcase a unique understanding of and relationship to their earthly muse, with each seeking not only to display the vitality of the earth through their works but also to reference it’s many teachings and the memories that it contains.

Carol Young and Olga de Amaral will both present works with clay; Santiago Uribe-Holguín with oils, sand, and marble dust; Pablo Posada with glass, crystal, and oxidised metals; Hugo Zapata with stone, and Mario Vélez with paper collage.

Carol Young crafts delicate and evocative ceramic works that transcend the traditional perception of the material. Her scrolls and sheets make reference to paper and wood—the elements upon which the memories and history of humanity have been written down.

In contrast, sculptor Hugo Zapata believes that the markings and lines he uncovers in the lucite stone he carves to create his works are things that the earth has written. The stones, which have always had a strong relationship with water, often have crystal or water elements incorporated and are among the few works on show at BEA that may be touched. Zapata wishes for his audience to caress his pieces, to embrace them, and in doing so, to feel and connect with the earth.

Olga de Amaral explores a variety of the earth’s elements in her work, utilising everything from clay and gesso to Japanese paper and gold leaf. De Amaral is passionate about giving the utmost importance to the material and to the process, saying, “The vitality of a rock is its presence.”

Another fascinating process on show in the exhibition is that of the stunning glass works of Pablo Posada. Posada carves blocks of glass in order to produce areas of light and shadows meant to recreate the movement of water, and make reference to the way the forces of nature act upon matter.

Hinting at another of the textural qualities in nature is Santiago Uribe-Holguín, whose works reflect the time, wear and memory of the earth’s skin. It’s Mario Vélez, though, who takes the most indirect approach, using paper and collage to refer to the restitutions of land through works whose organic forms hark back to the artist’s long held fascination with river stones.

TERRA is on view now at Beatriz Esguerra Art and will run until September 22nd.

Beatriz Esguerra Art is located at Cra. 16 No. 86A-31, Bogotá, Colombia.

To view the exhibition online, go here.

You can find more information about the gallery, opening hours, and any and all of the artists featured in the show at beatrizesguerra-art.com